Finding inspiration in the increasingly urgent need for high-performance, low-fuss athletic wear, three seasoned yet relatively unknown designers from the UK joined forces in 2015 to found LNDR. Though every letter in their moniker is meant to be pronounced separately, the stylization of the word ‘Londoner’ places the brand’s bustling city of origin at the forefront of their collections. This is evidenced in body-sculpting pieces that are suited to nearly every facet of urban life, situating LNDR as a quick favorite for those seeking exuberant yet contextually fluid sportswear. Seamless designs in sultry colorways compliment the figure both aesthetically and performatively, proving to be ideal companion pieces for fast-paced lifestyles. In their embrace of emergent fabric technologies, LNDR understand the inherent futurism that lies in the concept of liveable garments, and in turn have positioned themselves as early leaders in the world of boutique sportswear.