District Vision

Inspired by their respective journeys into running and meditation, former London classmates and Tom Daly and Max Vallot launched District Vision in 2015 to fill a gap in aesthetics and athletics. Engineered for different performance conditions, what transpired was a line of sunglasses unique to the physical and mental demands of New York City runners. Providing an alternative to traditional fitness eyewear, the once Acne and Saint Laurent-based business partners bridge their English and German roots to conceptualize the health conscious ethos rising among them. Designing lightweight, scratch-resistant, and shatterproof lenses adjustable to the individual, their movement is furthered through an online community portal and holistic development cycle. With an oleophobic coating, the UV-blocking glasses are offered in two styles and varying lenses for day and night. Crafted in Japan, the polycarbonate model and airtight case are the first creative collection from their firm, District Projects.