Iphone Cases

As the ubiquity of the iPhone continues to trivialize the need for wallets, document holders, and watches alike, the requisite phone case has become the latest permanent fixture in the realm of high-end men's accessories. Relied upon like an extension of our person, the iPhone is now adorned like a veritable body part as the line separating phone accessory and apparel is increasingly blurred. Operating within the constraints of the iPhone’s rectangular shape, instantly recognizable graphics reign supreme over the latest arrivals, with labels relying on the impact of their iconography to imbue the iPhone with identity-affirming credo. While rigid constructions ensure the case performs its baseline protective duties, leather-trimmed options rival the textural luxury of more traditional leather goods. Emergent youth-centric labels happily introduce the phone case amongst their other logo-brandished accessories, while time-honored maisons scale their storied craftsmanship to iPhone proportions so to appear as having always belonged amongst the ranks of their handbag and wallet collections. Bifold structures integrate card slots to optimize convenience and pocket space, while trompe-l'oeil holographic prints and glittered trims effortlessly elevate the phone case from commonplace tech accessory to full-blown conversation piece.