Iphone Cases

Now having usurped the role of wallet, watch, and document holder, the ubiquity of the iPhone has resulted in its requisite protective case ascending to the status of indispensable accessory. High-end renditions are in no short supply this season, as labels turn in their own definitive take of the women’s iPhone case. Translating instantly recognizable graphics to the iPhone’s restrictive rectangular proportions, designer phone cases are a microcosm of the larger collections to which they belong, though they also foster their own self-contained appeal. Rigid plastic structures of the glossy and matte variety are a given, but textured leather and fur finishes add a welcome element of luxe that transcends the case’s baseline protective duties, all the while integrating seamlessly among accessories that precede the digital age. Bifold structures integrate card slots to optimize convenience and pocket space, while trompe-l'oeil holographic prints and glittered trims effortlessly elevate the phone case from commonplace tech accessory to full-blown conversation piece.