Nowhere and Everywhere:
The Y-3 Uniform

A Tribute to the Label’s 15th Year

  • Photography: Suffo Moncloa / Mini Title

In a sequestered north-east corner of France, just outside the center of Paris, lies the tiny commune of La Noue. Its population less than 300, the semi-abandoned district’s brutalist buildings and wide open spaces are undeniably picturesque. But it’s lonely.

It’s this same dichotomy of grandeur and isolation that led Yohji Yamamoto to merge with adidas in the early 2000s. Decades of offbeat design and avant-garde silhouettes had defined him a dissonant mastermind, and the birth of Y-3 represented his impetus to create something for all. 15 years later, the label’s revolutionary hybrid of sport and design has become a uniform—for the old, for the new, for the free. Honoring the label’s 15th anniversary, photographer Suffo Moncloa captures its Spring/Summer 2018 “Uniform of the Streets” collection in La Noue, France.

Top Image: Model right wears Yohji Yamamoto jacket. Model (left) wears Yohji Yamamoto blazer.

Model wears Y-3 crewneck and Y-3 t-shirt.

Featured In This Image: Y-3 sweatshirt and Y-3 lounge pants.

Featured In This Image: Yohji Yamamoto button down shirt and Y's skirt.

  • Photography: Suffo Moncloa / Mini Title
  • Photography Assistant: Alberto Omiste, Lorenzo Diaz
  • Styling: Tallulah Harlech
  • Styling Assistant: Ying Wang
  • Casting Director: Emilie Astrom
  • Hair: Joseph Pujalte / Artlist Paris
  • Makeup: Sergio Corvacho / Mac
  • Models: Kennah Lau / Next Models, Kaito Defoort / REBEL Management
  • Production: Tobias Brahmst / Shape Production
  • Production Assistant: Tyler Reid / Shape Production