Home Away From Home

A Weekend in the Hamptons Featuring Helmut Lang, Lanvin, and Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

  • Photography: Rob Kulisek / CXA

The Hamptons have long been a weekend getaway destination for the upper echelon of New York City residents. Flocking to sandy stretches of beach like wasps to fresh cracked lobster claws, and away from the chaotic everyday. Just like the devices we tote around with us as extra appendages, so too must we recharge, reset, pause. Our needs have evolved into customs. We plug in, in order to tune out.

  • Photography: Rob Kulisek / CXA
  • Styling: Mark Jen Hsu
  • Hair: Nero
  • Makeup: Marcelo Gutierrez
  • Casting: Felicity Webb
  • Models: Colin Li / FFT Models, Hsu Chen / Supreme Management, Mathieu Simoneau / WANT Management, Su-Ying Lee / Lorde Inc.
  • Production: Rob Kulisek, Jezebel Leblanc-Thouin
  • Production Assistant: Jenny Cheng