Miu Miu x Pinball

Going Full-Tilt at North Star

  • Photography: Maya Fuhr

A pinball table is complex—pops, orbits, flashers, outlanes, spinners, sticky flippers. Smaller features that make up the larger game. When a pinball table is left unattended, it falls into “attract mode”—undulating its lights from top to bottom. The same consideration might be given to dressing and making-up your body before a night out with friends—head to toe. From breadths of glossy patent leather in creamy ecru; to tiny, glittering crystal drop earrings; to fleshy, red rubber boots; like the pinball table, disparate ingredients often make for the most stimulating result. And what better match for a pinball game than Miu Miu? Tilting, draining, or dot matrix displaying—the two are of the same ilk. Equal parts glitz and adventure, Prada’s teen sister belongs with her friends in the arcade.

Model wears Miu Miu blouse and NOR sunglasses. Top Image: Model wears Miu Miu jacket, Miu Miu skirt and Miu Miu clutch.

Featured In This Image: Miu Miu flats and Miu Miu flats.

  • Photography: Maya Fuhr
  • Photography Assistant: Umair Diwan
  • Styling: Chad Burton / Plutino Group
  • Styling Assistant: Styling: Kimberley Bulliman
  • Hair and Makeup: Laurie Deraps / Teamm Management
  • Hair Assistance: Laury-Anne Morel
  • Models: Cami / Folio & Want Management, Yvonne, Sakina, Sasha
  • Production: Jezebel Leblanc-Thouin
  • Production Assistant: Erika Robichaud-Martel