Sies Marjan: The Marsh House

Exploring the Nature of Sies Marjan Fall/Winter 2017

  • Photography: Thomas McCarty & Zak Krevitt

Marshes form a transition between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. It’s here—in this juncture—that the marsh house sits. A lake for a front yard, and a marsh for a backyard, it’s symbiotic with the herbaceous plant species that surround it. Sies Marjan’s color palette of navy blue and soft pink punctuates the deep and dark hues of the landscape while fuchsia and tangerine gleam supernaturally indoors. “I’m from everywhere and nowhere,” Sies Marjan’s Sander Lak told The New York Times in reference to his global upbringing. Life is lush in the in-between.

  • Photography: Thomas McCarty & Zak Krevitt
  • Styling: Romany Williams
  • Hair and Makeup: Andrew Ly / Teamm Management
  • Model: Jennae Quisenberry / D1 Models
  • Production: Alexandra Zbikowski
  • Production Assistant: Erika Robichaud-Martel