John Yuyi’s Chameleon Heart

Mutable Emotions with Gucci, Ambush, and Versace

  • Photography: Bryan Huynh

A lump in your throat. A heavy chest. An elevator in your stomach. A tightness in your neck. In what parts of your body do you carry your emotions? The physical anatomy becomes a vessel for its internal, stirring ephemera, just as color connotes it. What color is joy? What mood is Miu Miu? Is focus halfway between anger and serenity? Melancholy synonymous with romance? From Balenciaga to Gucci, John Yuyi shows that a spectrum of feelings extends itself equally to our outsides.

John Yuyi wears Gucci dress.

John Yuyi wears Versace bodysuit and Versace skirt.

  • Photography: Bryan Huynh
  • Styling: Jared Martell
  • 3D Artist: Rodolfo Hernandez
  • Photography Assistant: Lyndsey Constable
  • Model: John Yuyi