Gucci Gang in Paris

Hannah Sider Follows the Girl Crew Through France's Fashion Capital

  • Photography: Hannah Sider

Whether or not you’ve seen Breathless, Jean Seberg’s look—winged kohl liner, striped top, delicate, boyish hair—is the paradigm of “french-girl” style, even if she is an American in Paris. This stereotypical Parisian aesthetic has enjoyed a steady celebrity since it was first popularized by the 1960s starlets of the French New Wave. Largely catalyzed by Jean-Luc Godard, its allure manifested on the screen with the help of his many muses. Think Bardot in Le Mépris, or Karina in Pierrot le Fou—the tousled bouffant, cigarette, and cat eye liner were all common threads of a classic look. But these “french-girl” ciphers are changing. Take Gucci Gang, for instance—comprised of Crystal Murray, Angelina Woreth, Annabelle Ferrera and Thais Klapisch, this troupe of four Parisian teens is pushing the limitations of an increasingly archaic criteria for “french-girl” aesthetic. So much so, that they caught the eye of emerging denim brand, Miaou, who cast Gucci Gang—along with Travis Scott—in a recent video campaign.

Photographer Hannah Sider caught up with the gang one afternoon in Paris for an after-school photoshoot. Amid homework assignments, the girls assisted stylist Savannah White, designating respective looks to whoever they most suited.

  • Photography: Hannah Sider
  • Styling: Savannah White
  • Makeup: Mayu Yamaji