Cyber Hiking

How to Prepare for an All-Terrain Future

  • Photography: Rebecca Storm

When it comes to extreme weather, a cityscape is misleading in the versatility it provides. Our dependency on fossil fuel-powered transportation is causing our infrastructures to collapse. The longer we wait for the next bus, the fewer seem to come, and yet our carbon footprint grows each year. New and extreme weather conditions cause unexpected delays in our commutes, demanding to transform our own lives into a state of self-sufficiency. We must become our own all-terrain vehicles. From nomadic errands to metro-hopping, the ability to simultaneously cater to any scenario in one outfit is crucial. With necessities from Acne Studios, Chen Peng, and Vetements, photographer Rebecca Storm explores and confirms the Cyber Hiking future of urban dwellers worldwide.

  • Photography: Rebecca Storm
  • Styling: Olivia Whittick

  • Model: Zhang / Montage, Vassili / Folio
  • Hair and Makeup: Ronnie Tremblay / Teamm Management