Across the Ages

Juxtaposing designs from emerging and enduring fashion houses

  • Photography: Rebecca Storm

To be in the here and now is virtually impossible. It is often the result of youthful ambivalence. But in many instances, it paradoxically comes from the wisdom of experience. Age doesn’t give us a future or a past. It functions to contextualize our present, and allows us to consider it objectively. In a world of accelerated evolution, there are benefits of permanence. Turn off the music that laments the passing of time and instead celebrate yours. Your age is your presence, and your presence is the paradox. There’s a joy in knowing where you want to be — be there.

  • Photography: Rebecca Storm
  • Styling: Benjamin Evans
  • Hair and Makeup: Laurie Deraps / Teamm Management
  • Models: Yang Liu / Montage, Kim McDiarmid / SPECS, Sloan Seydel, Nasirou Touré