Last Exit:
Valentino VRing

Totes, Purses, and Bags for Every Commute

    A stalwart of couture, Valentino lends its architectural sensibilities to leather for its iconic VRing collection. The VRing logo hardware connotes a spirit of adventure and embodies the brand’s legacy of curated elegance. All aboard for a tour of our favorite VRing accessories.

    Featured In This Image: Valentino tote.

    White Valentino Garavani Large VRing North/South Shopper Tote
    This bag is the ultimate travel companion. Light and easy while toting your things—keeping one’s baggage less literal, more emotional. White calfskin on the outside and red on the inside, what better way to take your life to-go?

    Featured In This Image: Valentino clutch.

    Pink Valentino Garavani Go Logo Pouch
    Think pink, and then think patina with this neutral take on leather. Valentino calls it “rose,” so when life happens you can rise to the occasion, and have all of your necessities at your fingertips, too.

    Featured In This Image: Valentino wallet.

    Red Valentino Garavani Go Logo Coin Purse
    A bursary is a monetary prize or gift. Give your bursary a nursery by tucking it into the Go Logo Coin Purse(ry). Cards and coins abound in the folds of this cranberry companion, who’s happy in your hand, or tucked into the pocket of something larger.

    Featured In This Image: Valentino bracelet.

    Black Valentino Garavani Double Wrap Go Logo Bracelet
    Whoever said that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” clearly hadn’t met this bracelet. It’s double wrapped, giving the illusion of two bracelets. With two in the hand, who needs to look to the bush?

    Featured In This Image: Valentino shoulder bag.

    Black Valentino Garavani Medium VRing Shoulder Bag
    There are few things as obligatory as a black handbag. It’s versatile, can be dressed up or down, and this one adjusts—accordion sides and toggle fastening—to meet your needs, too. Little black dress, make way for little black handbag.