The Selfie Stick: Veneda Budny

A Self-Styled Photoshoot from the Danish Model

  • Interview: Elisa Schwalm
  • Photography: Veneda Budny

When 23-year-old model Veneda Budny was first scouted in her native Copenhagen at 13, she thought she was too much of a tomboy to have model potential. Now, it’s working in her favor. The current Berlin resident is a walking argument in favor of girls wearing menswear. With a wardrobe that leans heavily towards loose coats and trousers, New Balances, and lots of Palace and Supreme, Budny has the kind of effortlessly relaxed style that hints at her side gigs as a DJ and art directort. And as a look at her Instagram or Twitter shows, she knows her selfies. So we gave her the following assignment: style yourself in your favorite pieces from SSENSE, and go wild with a selfie stick. Budny was more than happy to oblige—she sent 92 photos. Clearly, she’s a pro at this.

Over text message, Elisa Schwalm talked with Budny about sneakers, her love of menswear, and her thoughts on the modeling world.

Elisa Schwalm

Veneda Budny

Tell me about how your career started.

I got discovered at the age of 13 in a bus in central Copenhagen by my agent and founder of my mother agency 2pm Model Management.

Were you surprised by being approached?

Yes, for sure. I’ve always been a tomboy, I always wore baggy clothing and never really looked at myself as having model potential. I never thought of it as being something realistic.

It seems likes you mix a lot of men’s clothing into your style.

It’s super important. I love how I can create something beautiful and feminine with masculine pieces. Mostly I use male jackets, suits, t-shirts, and shirts. I like their cuts much more than the female pieces. Even male sneakers, the selection is much better than for women.

Are you into sneakers??

I used to be a big sneaker fan, not anymore to be honest with you. I gave away and sold a big part of my collection. I think I’ve grown up, haha.

What brands do you like?

Reebok Classics, New Balance Performance, adidas Campus, Asics runners, and of course Prada sport sneakers.

As a model, do you ever get sick of wearing clothing?

YES big YES. If I work a lot, I sometimes have weeks where I really don’t feel like dressing at all. I just want to walk around in sports clothing all day... for real! Or PAJAMAS, the best hahaha.

What was it like shooting yourself for a change?

I was super excited. I’ve never done anything similar before. I like being challenged within my occupation, but what I liked the most was that I could create something very personal, without having any specific directions.

You definitely have good selfie game.

I think my job is the main reason why I’ve learned to take good selfies, you get to know your best angles. I’ve been posing in front of the camera for so many years.

1 - Good light, muy importante. 2 - Don’t have the iPhone too close to your face, I always have my phone pretty far. 3 - Take the picture more from above than down, your chin and face will always look big this way.

3 is so key.

You already know!


How has the industry changed since you started?

Definitely in a positive way. Models with interesting personalities are in focus and girls with a little more butt walk on the catwalk (about time)

What are your thoughts on the new age regulations many countries are putting in place for models?

I think it’s very right. In my opinion I was still a baby when I started and it’s way too early to bring a 13-year-old girl into a grown-up world. Sometimes I actually regret that I started so early but at the same time I don’t, cause I got taught important things at an early age. I was very lucky and still am that my mother agency has always been supportive, and the same for my family.

That’s amazing to hear! Especially that you have such a supportive agency. Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?

I’ve worked with so many great photographers, but recently I’ve worked with a young Swedish female photographer, Sarah Bille. I really had a great experience shooting with her.

Just peeked at your IG and saw this image from the shoot:

That’s her who shot it

Hahaha. What were you thinking during this shot?

Hahaha I wish I remembered! I think I thought about looking sexy, cute and happy.
You know Elle magazine is kind of commercial so you can pull out that real attitude.

Do you ever get super bored on set?

YES waiting is my number one hated thing on this planet and at times there is so much waiting. It’s so boring...
But there is always nice snacks on set, so I find myself eating the time away haha

Do you have a favorite campaign you worked on?

Okay you gotta give me a little time to think about that. Ask me something else in the meanwhile

Lol no prob.


What are you planning to do after you finish modeling?

I have a few things I would like to do. Acting is one of the main things, but also working on charity projects, studying nutrition, and getting more into photography.

Have you started on any of these goals?

Yes, all of them actually besides studying nutrition.

Let’s go back to the favorite campaigns. Anything come to mind?

I once did a campaign for Danish Red Cross together with some of the greatest people in the industry in Denmark. It was special to me. I was happy I could be a part of a good cause.

  • Interview: Elisa Schwalm
  • Photography: Veneda Budny
  • Styling: Veneda Budny