Preferred Puffers featuring Balenciaga, Vetements & More

Danko and Ana Steiner Photograph the Ultimate Winter Support System

  • Photography: Danko Steiner

In a book-slash-movie about fighting that you may remember from the late 90s, The Narrator, played by Ed Norton, states that, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

If we borrow this logic—which we might as well, seeing as so much of the fashion industry is skimming from the late 90s as is—one could argue that our lifespans are short; we’re all a bunch of babies. And babies need to be kept warm and cozy. Protected, yet still mobile. From this perspective, the puffer might be the most utilitarian of garments. Light and airy, yet substantially insulating, sleek yet oafishly cumbersome, the puffer is an anomaly. Flattering by virtue of its function. A perpetual hug—not just the warm kind for a cold day, but a reassuring embrace. Cozy enough to deny the urge to reach out and touch somebody. Designers are exalting the puffer coat because they realize we need to feel comforted in an age wherein we are isolated by our networks. When the temperature drops below zero, the puffer ensures survival for as long as your timeline stretches.

  • Photography: Danko Steiner
  • Styling: Ana Steiner
  • Models: Lucas, Rosie