Sita Abellán Jet Set Sci-Fi 2016

The Model, DJ, and Rihanna Accomplice Is Captured on the Streets of Paris

  • Photography: Jonas Lindstroem

At the beginning of Luc Besson’s film ​The Fifth Element, Milla Jovovich escapes from prison in a fierce Jean Paul Gaultier bodysuit made of elastic white straps. Framed by a shock of neon orange hair, her face has a bewildered confidence that takes the notion of “jet set” to sci-fi extreme. Is she an alien? Is she a goddess? Or is this just the future?

Similar vibes emanate from model, DJ, and self-proclaimed “techno princess” Sita Abellán. She seems to be everywhere—from rolling up at fashion weeks to co-starring in Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” video—and yet she seems to be from another planet. Photographer Jonas Lindstroem captured Abellán stalking the streets of Paris in the latest looks from Spring/Summer 2016 styled by Marc Goehring.

  • Photography: Jonas Lindstroem
  • Styling: Marc Goehring
  • Model: Sita Abellán