Extreme Weather Protection C/O Dior, Prada and Stutterheim

  • Text: Rebecca Storm

Winter is hard to smell. It’s harsh, cold—it stings. Olfactory activity seems to freeze just as everything else is frozen, and when spring arrives all the smells come with it. Summer’s aromas are bombastic—effervescent and intense. Whether it’s orange blossoms or hot compost, everything seems to come alive in the heat. Summer’s moods are lively, too: torrential downpour, blazing temperatures, relentless humidity. Whether you feel like you’re stepping into someone’s mouth or into an oven, protection from the elements is integral. Not exactly a novel concept, no, but during a time in which we are data-harvesting, Tinder-matching and finding microscopic plastic pollutants in our bloodstream, self-preservation is key. Especially on our rapidly warming little planet. For the latest SSENSE ASMR installment, discover the keys to (or at least the costume for) summer-safeguarding.

Model wears Myraswim swimwear and Juun.J hat.

Model wears Stutterheim coat and Dior visor.

  • Text: Rebecca Storm
  • Video: Rebecca Storm
  • Styling: Rebecca Storm
  • Photography Assistant: Clayton Beugeling
  • Hair and Makeup: Laurie Deraps / Teamm Management
  • Model: Esmee Simone
  • Production: Alexandra Zbikowski
  • Production Assistant: Ian Kelly