Dublin Youth Riders

Cruising Through Ireland’s Capital in Gucci, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Martine Rose and More

  • Photography: Brent Goldsmith
  • Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto

Like trailblazers by way of transport, the kids of Dublin are the city’s most inventive tour guides. Allow them to take you for a spin through the church-lined streets and graffiti-coated alleys. Or an impromptu horse ride that could spiral into a race at any given moment. Catch a lift on whatever passes by. Blazoned below three burning castles on the capital city’s Coat of Arms reads its motto: "Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas"—“the obedience of the citizens produces a happy city.” But the phrase has been lingering for over four centuries, and Dublin’s youth know that it doesn’t necessarily hold true. That the real joy lies in non-conformity. They move freely in constant exploration of their home turf. In his latest fashion editorial for SSENSE, Brent Goldsmith invites you to join.

  • Photography: Brent Goldsmith
  • Photography Assistant: Will Jivcoff
  • Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto
  • Styling Assistant: Dearbhla O Beirne
  • Production: Alexandra Zbikowski
  • Makeup: Lisa Redmond / EF Creative Studio
  • Hair: Selena Middleton
  • Models: Claire, Eimear O’Keane, Ferdia, Jamie Grogan, Luke / Not Another
  • Special Thanks To: Frank, Michelle, Nationwide Carriage