Drip Drip New Fumito Ganryu

The SSENSE Exclusive Capsule Collection is Now Available

  • Photography: Thomas Lohr

We are 60% water. Dihydrogen monoxide is our better half—the half that keeps us lingering by a river’s edge, or relishing the sound of rain. Japanese designer, Fumito Ganryu, wishes to foster this interaction with nature. Just as ocean tides are affected by a new or full moon, so too are our moods. Water is next-of-kin. It makes sense then, that we are often at our most comfortable when we are close to water; splashed by it, submerged in it, filled with it; watching it as it moves past us. But we are not amphibious—water can also be dangerous. Compromise our hot-blooded bodies. Materials like neoprene and rubber allow the wearer to protect themselves from water—in order to be nearer to it. Fumito Ganryu synthesizes clothing to get wet in.

As a precursor for his eponymous label, the Comme des Garcons ex-pat’s Spring/Summer 2019 capsule collection teaser is exclusive to SSENSE. Because nobody is complete without their better half.

Model wears Fumito Ganryu jacket and Fumito Ganryu t-shirt. Featured In Top Image: Fumito Ganryu t-shirt.

  • Photography: Thomas Lohr
  • Digitech: Fabian Blaschke
  • Photography Assistant: Marius Uhlig, Kadaré Aliu
  • Producer: Nima Shahmalekpur
  • Styling: Ai Kamoshita
  • Styling Assistant: Hannah Hetherington, Kat Abroziak
  • Makeup: Laura Dominique
  • Hair: Naoki Komiya
  • Model: Ling Ling / Premier Model Management
  • Model: Al Gill / Elite Models