Blue Paradise: SSENSE in Hawai‘i

Photographer Brendan George Ko Takes Us To Oahu

  • Photography: Brendan George Ko
  • Styling: Taylor Okata

"Hawai‘i is not a paradise," writes photographer Brendan George Ko in his decade long project documenting the islands. "It does not form some sort of ideal escape from reality, but quite the opposite." The style born from the Hawaiian islands encompasses more than simply wearing a classic Hawaiian shirt. The birthplace of surfing, Hawai‘i has been home to a thriving surf, skate, and streetwear scene for decades, long before it became trendy across the globe. Ko and stylist Taylor Okata (who grew up on the islands) captured three of Hawai‘i’s most talented locals in brands like Loewe, Gucci, Prada, and JW Anderson as they hit their favorite beaches on the island of Oahu.

Ha'a Keaulana is a professional surfer/photographer and granddaughter of legendary surfer Buffalo Keaulana, Lindsey Higa is a renowned stylist, and Evan Mock is a skateboarder/model and friend of Frank Ocean and Tom Sachs. It’s time to give Hawaiian style the credit it’s due.

Model wears Gucci scarf.

Model wears Gucci tank top and Gucci pants.

Featured In This Image: Prada tote.

  • Photography: Brendan George Ko
  • Styling: Taylor Okata
  • Photography Assistant: Paul Strouse
  • Styling Assistant: Matt Breuning
  • Hair and Makeup: Kim Duong
  • Production: Oz Go
  • Models: Lindsey Higa, Ha’a Keaulana, Evan Mock