Acne Studios Blå Konst: No Two Blues Alike

Introducing the Swedish Label’s New Line

  • Photography: Daniel Regan

The new line from Acne is a return to the label’s point of origin. Called Blå Konst—Swedish for “blue art”—it is focused squarely on denim, the fabric upon which the 21-year-old brand was built. Just like Yves Klein invented his own shade with International Klein Blue, every denim wearer develops a color mélange all their own through time and touch. It may not be the most technically advanced fabric, but it bonds with its owners like none other. Every piece of denim evolves differently—blues and blacks yield to their owners’ bodies, fading into photo negatives, and my white jean jacket will pick up different stains than yours. It is really the ideal companion—a chronicler, too. As Joni Mitchell sings on her song “Blue”: here is a shell for you.

Model (right) wears Acne Studios jacket. Model (left) wears Acne Studios Blå Konst jacket.

  • Photography: Daniel Regan
  • Producer: Rebecca Hearn
  • Production Assistant: Dante Darko
  • Photography Assistant: Grayson Vaughn, Larry Burns
  • Styling: Caroline Newell
  • Styling Assistant: Mackenzie
  • Hair and Makeup: Sydney Costly
  • Models: Christian Coppola, Alexandra Marzella, Vanessa Mendez, Cash Matthew, Alexa