Tiffany Godoy Hangs Out with the Beijing-Based Photographer

  • Animation: Tiffany Godoy

With tripod and selfie stick in hand, 20-year Tokyo veteran and fashion editor Tiffany Godoy goes where others can’t. Tiffany’s Tokyo TV (TTT) is a vlogumentary that dives into the creative processes of tastemakers in her city’s scene.

This week, Tiffany hangs out with a bunch of naked people at a photo session by photographer and poet Ren Hang. Beijing-based Hang’s work is a provocative and playful exploration of taboos and Chinese youth culture. At just 30 years old, and with less than a decade of photography experience, he is becoming an art world darling. His newest 300-plus page tome will be released by Taschen any minute now. Tiffany caught up with him at a recent exhibition in Tokyo, and even got to sit in on a shoot for his personally published, limited edition photo zine series.

Tiffany Godoy

Ren Hang

Hi! So Ren, how do you like Tokyo?

You know I love Tokyo.

What do you love about it?

Tokyo is colorful, and I have a lot of friends here.

So, we’re here at your show.


Called Tokyo. There’s red, which you love—I love red too. Lipstick and nails.


And nudity. Naked bodies.

Mmhmm. Mmhmm.

There are some there. And nature. Why do those elements get you excited?

I think nudity makes me and the model more close, more relaxed.

Really? Usually it’s the opposite. Because clothes are like an armor. Like a protection.

So you wish for more truth, maybe.

How do you find your models? Because I think that a lot of people are obsessed with you.

Yeah. I will choose from Instagram, email, on the street, everywhere.

Oh really? Do you stop people on the street?

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve done it.

And then they get naked for you?

Yeah. I think I didn’t get a “no” from the people I got on the street, they always say yes to me.

So I went to your shoot two days ago. It seems like every time you shoot, it’s kind of like a party.

Mmhmm. Yeah.

Is that how you feel?

I wish! But I don’t know how the models are feeling. But I wish every shoot was like a party. Life is a party.

Ouff. I like your style!

  • Animation: Tiffany Godoy