Consulting the Stars For Our Stylescopes

Style Horoscopes by Annabel Gat

  • Text: Annabel Gat

New moons, planets in retrograde, a trine from Neptune, or a North node entering Leo. The language of the cosmos can be blissfully nonsensical to a novice—offering a break from information-overload and replacing it with a starry poetry. This month, Venus—the planet most aligned with style—will transit through Taurus. We’ve asked astrologer Annabel Gat to read the heavens for us, creating stylescopes that rise above the din like a cosmic moodboard.

A full moon in adventurous Fire sign Sagittarius arrives on June 9, a few days after Venus (the planet of love, style, and beauty) enters lush and luxurious Earth sign Taurus on June 6. A magical new moon in psychic Water sign Cancer comes on June 23. How will the heavens influence you this month?


Wild rambunctious Aries. You are usually spotted in black leather or distressed denim, but this month it’s all about delicate looks. Romantic touches are creeping into your wardrobe. You can blame this on tender and sweet Venus, which enters gentle Earth sign Taurus on June 6. That being said, you won’t completely lose your edge. An energizing full moon in fiery Sagittarius on June 9 will find you itching for adventure and taking risks. A new moon in sensitive Water sign Cancer arrives on June 23, getting you in touch with your emotions.


Sensual and luxurious Venus is in your sign this month, Taurus. This is certainly a lucky time for you as astrologers count Venus as your ruling planet. You are feeling beautiful and are getting back in touch with that which brings you pleasure. A hot full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 9, putting you in the mood to get to know someone more intimately. Go for velvet, lace, and even leather—you’re craving thrills. The new moon in Cancer on June 23 will keep you busy and running around town. This is a fantastic time to get organized or edit your wardrobe.


This June opens with the Sun shining brightly in your sign. It will encourage you to be your true self: playful and free. Androgynous looks, asymmetrical cuts, and bold graphics are in your future. You are so not in the mood for anything boring or basic. An exciting full moon in bold Sagittarius on June 9 will find you face-to-face with someone you want to impress. The new moon in nurturing Cancer—which follows on June 23—will bring your focus to security and self-worth. It will open doors leading to wealth and abundance.


While you do need to catch up on rest, Cancer, you are very much in the mood to connect with friends, old and new, this month. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, is currently in sensual Earth sign Taurus, bringing blessings to your social life. The full moon in energetic Fire sign Sagittarius on June 9 will find you busy running around town, as well as rethinking your wellness routine. Make self- care a priority. A new moon arrives in your sign, Cancer, on June 23. You are going to crave a makeover or closet edit.


Leo, you love to be adorned with rare jewels and dressed in statement pieces. This month, plenty of people will see your eye-catching looks as you will be going to even more events and parties than usual. This is a big month for being seen, which comes naturally to you as the sign of royalty. Your mysterious side will also come out to play, pulling you toward dark hues. The full moon in fierce Fire sign Sagittarius arrives on June 9, igniting passion in your life—both creatively and in your love-love. Your sense of whimsy will emanate through playful prints and unexpected pattern combinations during the new moon in Cancer on June 23.


Tender-hearted Venus in sensual Earth sign Taurus is putting you in a romantic mood. It’s inspiring you to wrap yourself in fabrics like cashmere and silk, but you’re also taking some risks this month, Virgo. This is by the grace of the full moon in adventurous Fire sign Sagittarius on June 9. You will be in no mood to be predictable this June. Yet, you will find that your focus, especially during this full moon, will be around home and family. The new moon in Water sign Cancer on June 23 will find you connecting with friends and meeting new people, as well as wearing deep indigos and brilliant turquoise pieces.


Your ruling planet Venus is in sensual Earth sign Taurus. This finds you craving luscious fabrics and sexier silhouettes. Your intimate relationships are a major focus this month. You are in the mood to be provocative—think studs, leather pants, or miniskirts. A daring full moon in fiery Sagittarius on June 9 finds you eager to speak your truth. Exciting news and opportunities for adventure are coming your way. The new moon in Water sign Cancer has you focused on business. This is a fantastic time to make a list of all the goals you’re looking forward to achieving.


Mysterious, magnetic Scorpio: many are intimidated when they first meet you. However, your sensitive and empathetic side eventually comes out—if you feel like they are worthy of your trust! Romantic Venus is in sensual Earth sign Taurus bringing blessings to all your relationships, whether they be romantic or professional. The full moon in Fire sign Sagittarius on June 9 finds you reflecting on worth and value. You’re all about quality over quantity this month. The new moon in Cancer will find you taking risks—think asymmetrical lines and bold prints, as well as an unexpected trip.


June will be an emotional yet exciting month for you, Sagittarius. There is a powerful full moon in your sign on June 9, which will embolden you to be yourself—adventurous, passionate, and outspoken. Blood reds and sunny yellows contrasted by deep jewel tones will fit your mood this month. Venus in practical Earth sign Taurus finds you busy tackling your to-do list, whether that means completing tasks at work, or working out. But the new moon in emotional Water sign Cancer on June 23 shifts your focus to your intimate relationships.


Loose silhouettes that keep you unencumbered as you tend to your everlasting to-do list are needed this month, Capricorn. However, a magical full moon in Fire sign Sagittarius on June 9 will find you sporting more whimsical, bohemian looks. You’re in the mood to explore hidden, unusual places. Romance is in the air with Venus, the planet of love, in sensual Earth sign Taurus. You’re feeling creatively inspired, and you’re in the mood to flirt, so make time for fun, no matter how busy you’ll be this month. Your focus is on relationships during the dreamy new moon in Water sign Cancer, which lands on June 23.


Always looking forward, Aquarius, your zodiac sign evokes cool metallics, futuristic fabrics, and silhouettes that rebel against the norm. You don’t mind standing out from the crowd. That said, you will wonder where you fit in during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 9. Hint: it’s with the other innovators and free spirits. The new moon in Water sign Cancer arriving on June 23 will find you busy at work and tending to your responsibilities. However, your focus will also be on your home and family life, thanks to Venus spending time in Earth sign Taurus. You might be an Air sign, but making time to get grounded is important.


Ever dreamy and imaginative, Pisces, your creative energy will be anchored by Venus in Earth sign Taurus, which will help you to manifest your fantasies this month. The energy is supportive around communication and self-expression. An exciting full moon in passionate Fire sign Sagittarius on June 9 will propel you to the spotlight: The success you have been working toward will arrive! A new moon in Water sign Cancer arrives on June 23. Expect a monumental boost in creative inspiration. This new moon will put you in a fun and flirtatious mood. Maybe ask someone special out on a date.

  • Text: Annabel Gat