Chapeaux de Plage

Nowhere is the duality of light and shade embodied more vividly than in the beach hat, a piece of timeless shoreline chic that evokes midwinter getaways to tropical poolsides and midsummer afternoons spent by the ocean. With as many styles as there are seas, the beach hat effortlessly complements the full gamut of swimwear and sundresses. In its simplest incarnation, classic plant-based materials like straw and raffia are woven into generous brims that provide relief from the sun while catching the breeze. Designers bring additional vitality to this staple through the application of decorative topstitching, embroidery, or luxurious trims in grosgrain, satin, and lace. More recent performance updates include the utilization of technical twills and meshes, combining to balance full UV protection with moisture-wicking properties. Forever imbued with a lightness unique to the release afforded by time spent in the sun, beach hats proclaim a devotion to comfort upon arrival.