Safsafu Jackets & Coats

The unceasing distractions of the 21st century, verging on overwhelming in their frequency, have produced a wave of creatives that possess a heretofore unmatched ability to extract charm from schlock. Drawing inspiration from sources that seem to overlap all too happily—bad taste, kitsch, the 80s, and somewhat anomalously, Iranian folk costumes—Safu Seghatoleslami adroitly compresses a cacophony of dubious visual stimuli into a spread of delicate gold and silver shapes, punctuated by blaring gemstones and winking mall-kiosk motifs. Operating from Paris and crafted in Italy since its launch in 2016, Seghatoleslami’s Safsafu embodies a pleasing blend of knowing irony and earnest joy, informed by esoteric flea market finds, the broken telephone conversation of global cultural exchange, and the exuberant personality of its parent.

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