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A creative endeavor spearheaded by Montreal-born Jesse Dorsey and Bangkok’s Wannasiri Kongman, BOYY brings a worldly sense of imagination to women’s accessories. Steadily gaining momentum since its 2006 conception, the label’s hype-securing point of distinction lies in its confectionary approach to crafting leather goods, epitomized by its signature buckle hardware. An imaginative conception of luxury guides BOYY’s navigation of constructionally robust handbags, one which speaks to gender-blurring ambiguity of its name. Hand-sized structured buffed calfskin clutches deliver nightlife-adjacent sleekness, while the intentional kitsch of color-clashing patterns and glittered finishes invigorate prim outfitting. The ability to mold its core stylistic motifs into a diverse range of endpoints communicates a sense of timelessness that occasions BOYY’s integration into the pantheon of quintessential handbags. A firm sense of identity weaves itself into the belt pouches, totes, and hybridized bag variations that assist BOYY’s uncompromisingly direct aesthetic, showcasing the carefully-executed methods by which retro-leaning tendencies can be fashioned into something palpably fresh.

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BOYY - Pink Bobby 23 Tote


Pink Bobby 23 Tote