Structured Hats

Designer structured hats provide men with practical high-end luxury options, mining contemporary culture and historical pedigree to provide forms for all occasions. alongside choice of fastening and logo accents. Elsewhere, the swagger-inducing bucket hat, a mainstay of urban, skater, and music subcultures for decades, is transformed by a series of skillful designer edits in premium canvas or cotton twills, while more alternative options in PrimaLoft®-insulated nylon and PVC laminated kraft paper provide avant-garde flourishes premised on inventive optics and textural properties. Woven straw hats affect a heritage-derived tropical-chic aesthetic, recalling the leisurely sophistication of bygone eras in a series of carefully contemporary updates. Instantly anchoring any thrown-together or carefully curated streetwear ensemble, structured caps provide for an easygoing, all-season accoutrement, wearing well with t-shirts, sweatshirts, light jackets, and jeans, or as off-kilter accent in a more daring formal and athleisure juxtaposition.