Among the most unfussy of wall accoutrements, the identity-affirming appeal of a poster has outgrown the framework of college dorm room culture on account of its status as a portable, economic stand-in for a handcrafted art piece. As souvenirs, the poster’s ability to concurrently personalize a living environment and imbue it with a post-ironic sense of idolization prompts the recollection of the visceral experience of a creative space. Allowing walls to provide both the inspirational value of a moodboard and the nostalgic properties of a scrapbook, the function and impact of a poster lies completely at the owner’s discretion. In spite of inviting curative prowess from a decorative perspective, the poster is also imbued with a sense of higher-level value when tied to an impactful cultural event, evoking a sense of rarity that elevates it to prized-possession status. As mass-produced mementos they achieve a palpable kitsch-factor, while unique variations function as works of art in themselves, highlighting the way in which posters both embrace and call into question the idea of replication.