Notes & Sketches

Providing a visceral, first-hand glimpse into the artistic process, notes and sketches effectively blur the line between work-in-progress and finished product. The transparency granted by the fourth-wall-breaking nature of social media inevitably finds itself reflected in the art world, within which the act of oversharing is robbed of its negative connotation and is instead celebrated as a boon. The opportunity to own and examine personal notes and sketches offers unprecedented insight into the abstract brainstorming that eventually foster a creative spark, while trivializing the notion that rough sketches should be ultimately discarded once a work exists in a definitive final version. By adding a dimension of intimacy and interactiveness to the experience of a collection, notes and sketches create an inclusive environment that demystifies the artist. Bearing in mind that the simplest and most immediate ideas are often the result of a thorough and open-ended drafting process, notes and sketches arguably embody creativity in its rawest form.