Neck Ties

Always smart and sophisticated, it’s easy to see why the neck tie has endured centuries to become the quintessential menswear accessory. Rising to popularity during the reign of King Louis the XIII, preliminary iterations of the men’s neck tie, or ‘cravat’, were initially worn to tie the collars of military members. However, the style soon garnered widespread appeal, particularly for their style at formal gatherings. Into the 21st century, modern iterations offer bold embroidered embellishments touching upon eclectic printed graphics, while bold patterns rendered in opulent silks act as eye-catching anchors to muted suits. Whether tied in a half Windsor or a four-in-hand, the men’s tie adapts to both casual settings, when paired with a relaxed sports jacket and sophisticated sunglasses, or to formal events, when accompanying with a monochromatic three-piece suit. Rendered in elegant collegiate stripes, a vintage paisley, checked flannel, sharp futuristic prints, or a mod-inspired skinny silhouette, the tie is a perennial staple within any man’s wardrobe.