This season’s collection of earrings for men offers up an eclectic, mix-and-match assortment of the expressive menswear accessory. Rugged, straight-forward symbolism in the mold of distressed sterling silver, 14k yellow gold studs, or micro drop earrings makes for a simple yet deluxe addition to the confident contemporary man’s wardrobe. Sterling silver is abound in this season’s collection, ranging from highly polished to rough and oxidized. Minimal brushed sterling silver micro hoops mix with lustrous texture, while mini textured chain-link drop earrings feature an alternating mix of finishes. Urban silhouettes like stud or pendant earrings are inspired by more natural beginnings with carved thorn accents featuring a rocky-textured terrain. Single-earring styles offer half the commitment of a set, yet showcase double the statement-making power. References to goth or punk countercultures appear in the form of carved skulls or animalistic themes, yet the overwhelming quality of sterling silver or solid gold sets these designer styles apart from their subculture counterparts. Minimal expression by way of quality craftsmanship and premium materials is the focus of this season’s collection of men’s earrings.