Jil Sander Cardigans

Former head designers for Raf Simons’ Dior and Supreme, respectively, Lucie and Luke Meier took the creative reins of German designer Jil Sander’s eponymous label in 2017. The husband-and-wife duo brings a refreshing soulfulness to the brand’s menswear collection, mediating Sander’s famously ascetic minimalism with sensuality and softness. Deeply intuitive designs find an immaculate equilibrium between absolutes: tradition and innovation, masculine and feminine, perfection and imperfection. Ingeniously-tailored iterations of stalwart menswear styles – the white button-up shirt or the two-piece suit – bolster Sander’s history of quality and craftsmanship while proposing a forward-thinking approach classic constructions. Modern cuts, architectural volumes, and thoughtful details unite sophistication and utility, lending novelty to exquisite wool overcoats, slim cropped trousers, and timeless blazers. Luxe turtlenecks and modified crewneck sweaters add strategic strokes of color to the label’s achromatic color palette, while a selection of meticulously-crafted leather sneakers, derbys, and oxfords uphold Sander’s fine-tuned aesthetic of sober refinement.

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