Predating even the world-famous printing press of Johannes Gutenberg circa 1439, the written word has persisted for thousands of years as a true signifier of civilization and history. Books remain to this day as completely tangible reminders of lived experiences from throughout the history of humankind. They can transport the reader to locations and time periods that may have previously seemed unfathomable, activating the senses in a means that simultaneously feels wholly unreal and pervasively authentic. This submitting of oneself to experiences can stay unknowingly with the reader’s psyche for a lifetime. The viral nature of meaning-making demands that understanding can only be achieved in the most specific of circumstances; however, despite itself, no word carries with it a value that is measurably more or less than any other. In this sense, the book remains as it has for centuries as the most valuable tool for the dissemination of ideas and feelings alike. Whether passed along familial lines of heritage or found at a roadside garage sale, every book contains within it every single bit of data that there ever has been or ever will be, and it is for this reason that the book deserves to be celebrated amongst the pantheon of devices that bestow godlike certainty to our existence.

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