Corporate Gymnastics: Introducing Off-White Athletics

Up Your Bandwidth in the Exclusive “WORKOUT” Capsule Collection

  • Director: Max Luz

Richard Branson is a known advocate of physical activity, having said that his financial success is inextricable from the emphasis he places on health and fitness. In fact, many of the world’s billionaires—Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk—work out several times a week to keep their energy levels high. Energy begets energy, and physical activity and exercise are essential for maintaining a productive work/life balance.

At the studio of Virgil Abloh in London, England, multitasking is an important aspect of managing a busy schedule. And staying fit and physically agile is the key to juggling spreadsheeting, drafting, caffeinating, moodboarding. In a film by Max Luz, employees at the ALASKA-ALASKA studio demonstrate their integrated work/aerobic regimen, the modern-day corporate gymnastics, in the new Off-White “WORKOUT” Capsule developed in collaboration with SSENSE. Optimize your potential for success with this collection of athletic-wear, available now, exclusively at SSENSE.

  • Director: Max Luz
  • Production: Morgan Clement, Dom Thomas (Executive Producer), Joel Spencer (Producer)
  • Director of Photography: Joel Honeywell
  • Styling: Mitja Olenik
  • Makeup: Anete Salinieka
  • Models: Amie, Franka, Vicki