From yoga and barre to high-intensity training, women’s sport leggings are an essential for any workout. Cut in a signature second-skin silhouette, activewear leggings are crafted to facilitate ease-of-wear, comfort, and mobility, providing support during an early morning jog all the way through to downward dog. Full-length and 7/8 length iterations lend full coverage, with mid-rise and high-rise cuts providing a locked-in feeling. Cropped variants and the ubiquitous biker short, alongside strategically-placed mesh panelling, offer the ventilation required for the most intensive of activities. Technological innovations in the realm of women’s sportswear, including quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and anti-odor fabrics, and seamless constructions keep one cool, dry, and comfortable all day. Performance compression tights ensure that key muscle groups receive adequate support when needed. Natural and organic cotton jerseys featuring four-way stretch move with one’s contours in addition to offering a soft hand-feel and breathability, with sleek technical textiles capturing of-the-moment style currents.