Leather Jackets

Arguably one of the most enduring pieces of women’s outerwear, contemporary designer leather jackets maintain an aura of transformative cool with careful updating and auteur modifications. The romanticized, radical-signalling silhouette of the traditional motorcycle jacket prevails among many luxury houses, while being subject to edits from the subtle to the extreme. Reflecting the scrappy, anarchic heritage of 70s punk, graphic prints, studs, patchwork, and distressing feature as rebel signifiers in select pieces. Streamlined, reworked variants take on spray-painted trims and ambitious blazer-referencing cuts. Elsewhere, careful legacy pieces embrace familiarity and the fruitful perfections delivered over decades of attentive consistency, rather than striving for the optics of reinvention. Leather jackets effortlessly elevate the most casual or distressed-looking of ensembles, while also finding themselves at home alongside clean-cut, preppy outfits. The breadth of approaches reflects the curatorial dynamism of contemporary luxury’s design language, as well as the long-lived legacy of the garment itself.