Andersson Bell Tank Tops & Camisoles

Seoul-born collective, Andersson Bell, sets itself apart through its ability to strike perfect balance in opposites. By interpreting the principles of Scandinavian design through a distinctly Korean point-of-view, the ready-to-wear label unites clean lines and timeless silhouettes with subtle eclecticism, veering towards a minimalism that is as straightforward as it is elusive. These seemingly discordant elements are reflective of the brand’s very ethos, whereby the collective finds inspiration in both the local and global alike -- looking simultaneously inwards and outwards for inspiration. Embracing diversity, difference, and individuality, Andersson Bell speaks to the contemporary moment, ditching overplayed and outdated gender norms. Asymmetric skirts and shirts meet loose-fitting trousers and blazers. Jersey, mesh, and knit tops feature tie-dye patterns and unconventional cut-out constructions to create a collection that is as modern as it is timeless. Although casual in appeal, each piece is given a quiet yet intricate fashion-forward spin -- and it is here, in these intricacies, that the label’s unique ability lies. Constructed from top-tier materials sourced from around the globe, Andersson Bell’s designs are ultimately intended to last a lifetime.

There are currently no products available for Andersson Bell Tank Tops & Camisoles.

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