Bag Accessories

From offbeat bag charms to eye-catching shoulder straps, the perfect bag accessory works double duty, serving as both an instantaneous wardrobe refresher and personal talisman. Fur, feather, and cashmere bag charms adorned with unmistakable brand trademarks either work in addition to already exuberant structures or inject a welcome element of playfulness to decidedly straightforward bags. Artisanally-crafted leather tassels and vibrant fur pompoms lend a pop of color to uniform dressing, while intentional clashing can intimate either aloof maximalism or intentional exuberance, depending on the wearer’s intent. The unassuming status that the bag charm occupies in proportion to the larger collections to which they belong make them a vessel for low-stakes experimentation, resulting in a sense of lightheartedness across the board. Ranging from chunky chain-link to embroidered textiles and sculpted leathers, bag accessories prompt unbounded creativity, a sentiment evidently reflected in the dynamic nature of the latest in designer interpretations.