The landscape of contemporary men’s designer vests encompasses the formal and the rugged, from classic preppy layering items to cold-edged technical sportswear. Buttoned and pullover variants in wool, knit cotton, and other heritage fabrics impart clean-cut, lighthearted airs, often reinforced with colorful jacquard graphic and patterning accents. Nylon and other technical textiles form the basis for oft-monochromatic military and outdoor apparel-inspired offerings, with press-release buckle detailing, overlong straps, and cargo pockets emanating an uncanny tactical impression. Oversizing and mesh trims feature in select pieces, nodding to urban and club style lineages. Often adorned with embroidered graphics and logo patches, denim vests take on the weight of motorcycle and punk subculture signifiers for a rebellious turned-out, dressed-down feel. Serving as formidable outerwear, down-filled quilted iterations provide an excellent après-ski or shoulder season solution. The vest’s sleeveless silhouette pairs well with a multitude of ensembles, centering an outfit or giving freedom of movement and optical space for shirts and tops.