Men's designer espadrilles have undergone a wealth of transformation since their inception in thirteenth century Spain, transformations that have firmly established espadrilles as the be-all, end-all summer shoe. Marrying comfort and style with traditional craftsmanship, espadrilles take a Mediterranean approach to casual menswear. The comfort and reliability afforded to the wearer through the signature woven esparto rope soles are one of the most notable features of any summer-centric footwear. When paired with embroidered embellishments, canvas styles reach new heights of styling potential. Exceedingly luxurious fabrications provide wearers with previously unforeseen possibilities, elevating men's espadrilles from their status as beachwear. Breezy and light, these shoes bring an effortless refinement to any occasion. It is obvious why artisans unceasingly crafted these shoes throughout the ages and why today they are celebrated by high fashion and casualwear labels alike.