Carne Bollente Bags

Given their blatant affinity for artfully lurid graphics, it is unsurprising that the team of Parisian youth at the helm of French label Carne Bollente chose to name their clothing brand after an Italian porno film from the 70’s, whose title translates to ‘boiling meat’. Playful sexuality runs rampant throughout their pieces, each one embroidered with a sex act illustrated by Agoston Palinko, a fellow Paris-dweller. By pairing straightforward streetwear staples with scenic, kamasutra-esque illustrations that manage to cover a wide scope of sexual taboos without verging on the problematic, Carne Bollente injects irreverence and provocation into no-frills basics. Experts at framing their open-minded sexuality with a deliberately tongue-in-cheek affectation, Carne Bollente reach beyond novelty appeal with their soft-focus erotica, putting a casual spin on free-spirited deviance.

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