SSENSE-Exclusive Off-White Vulcanized Low Sneakers

Three Remixes of Virgil’s Classic

    Vulcan is the god of fire. Rubber, which is then heat-treated with sulfur and hardened, is considered vulcanized. The SSENSE exclusive collection of Off-White Vulcanized Low Sneakers features three colorways in every shade but flame—yellow, blue and green. Still, this drop is fire. Available in a wide range of unisex sizes, scroll these options, choose your fighter.

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    Contrasting its lemon yellow suede body, the SSENSE exclusive yellow vulcanized sneaker forgoes black accents in favour of mustard. What results is a synthesis bringing to mind all things mellow and yellow—custard, mustard, daffodils, ducklings. Cheerful, right? But don’t be fooled by the cute, light references. Yellow also stands for “take heed.” Pay attention! Act fast! This colorway is covetable.

    Featured In This Image: Off-White sneakers.


    Green means money and growth. Green is also the color of jealousy, which is maybe what you’ll be experiencing if you sleep on these. In contrast colors of sprout and Kelly, this option is a funky-fresh take on what it means to be hard and soft, all at once.

    Featured In This Image: Off-White sneakers.


    Never naturally appearing in flora and fauna, you could say that blue—even though it is the color of the sky—is a rare jewel. (The first languages didn’t even have a word for blue!) Milking the rarity for what it’s worth, the SSENSE exclusive blue vulcanized sneaker takes a gem and makes it wearable. Meet your blue crush.

    • Date: August 15, 2019