Say It With Swim

Go Poolside With Fendi, Ashley Williams, and Off-White

    In planning for vacations, we often pack for an idealized version of ourselves. Books, fits, too many shoes—all of which will most likely go unread, untouched, or crumpled in a suitcase. Swimsuits, however, provide a fun solve for our packing woes. They are summer’s unlikely statement piece. Big patterns, bold colors, weird cutouts. Whether you need a swimsuit to stand out by the pool or indulge in a staycation, or blend in with the elements—or you know, actually swim—here’s a strong (and not so subtle) variety.

    Model wears Off-White swimwear.

    Off-White — Multicolor Camo Sleeved Bikini

    A scuba top is no stranger to the beach, but the style feels refreshed in camouflage with Off-White’s bikini. Beach camo isn’t limited to ocean blue or sandy brown—a healthy palette of sunshine yellow and summery orange recasts camo as something you wear to stand out, not hide.

    Model wears Bather swimwear.

    Bather — Blue & White Marble Swim Shorts

    Throughout the 60s and 70s, David Hockney’s swimming pool paintings were heavily inspired by the intangible movement of water. These Bather marble swim shorts take a cue from Hockney’s painting but with psychedelic undertones. Ride the wave...whatever the trip.

    Ashley Williams — White 'Beach Bum' One-Piece Swimsuit

    Surely you’ve pre-scheduled your out-of-office auto-reply! Are your vacation hours approved? Let’s go! The next logical step is packing the Ashley Williams ‘Beach Bum’ one-piece. As the saying goes, dress for the job you want: Beach Bum requires no LinkedIn recommendations.

    Model wears Fendi swimwear.

    Fendi — Black Snake Bikini Bottoms

    The kaleidoscopic snake pattern of these Fendi bikini bottoms begs the question, is that a snake in your briefs or are you just happy to see me? Barely-there, these tight bottoms playfully reduce tan lines (no thanks!) while keeping you

    Model wears Serapis swimwear.

    Serapis — Multicolor All Over Mavros One-Piece Swimsuit

    This printed Serapis one-piece bathing suit illustrates a tale of two summers. The stretch-jersey graphics straddle the nostalgia of summer camp (ping pong, canoeing) with the sterile scenes of industrial power plant sites. This is a bathing suit marked by dualities. Pick a side, any side.