A New Editorial Looks at the Game without Rules to Break

  • Photography: Hannah Sider

“They say that love’s a word, a word we’ve only heard, and can’t begin to know the meaning of.” Love, especially young love, avoids easy categorization.

It’s confusing, it’s hard, and it sometimes hurts. But everybody agrees that it’s worth it, even if only for a few minutes of bliss. It can make lovers delusional and jaded bystanders sick. Passion is as polarizing as it is beautiful. Photographer Hannah Sider explores the complexities of everybody’s favorite emotion with pieces by Saint Laurent, J.W.Anderson, Versace, Wales Bonner and Maison Margiela.

  • Photography: Hannah Sider
  • Styling: Von Ford
  • Hair and Makeup: Tiffany Patton
  • Hair and Makeup: Siobhan Benson
  • Model: Sahara/Elite NYC, Christian/D1 Models NYC