Contemporary designer trends in women’s sleepwear deftly and quietly update and rework classic silhouettes, bringing pristine tailored styles to the realm of intimate women’s fashion. Made to be seen by a very select audience, a woman’s choice in sleepwear speaks principally for a desire towards self-care and self-image, and is thus, like lingerie and other forms of innerwear, a less optically scrutinized, yet much more psychologically important aspect of a woman’s overall wardrobe. Providing a discrete venue for the wholly individuated expression of style, high-end sleepwear is, in simplest terms, an investment in one’s well-being. Offering supreme comfort with modern elegance, delicate and feminine slip dresses in silk satin and other luxuriously soft fabrics exude classic femininity with a hint of sensuality. Breathable, impeccably sourced materials, assembled with care and craftsmanship, find simple-yet-timeless accents like vented seams, slits, and cut-out detailings, providing for an aura of seamless, contour-flattering grace.