Short Skirts

Contemporary designer short skirts embrace dynamism, upscaling casual and formal classic styles while exploring new materials and silhouettes. First appearing in the 1960’s, the garment has evolved in a uniquely mercurial way, beginning as politically charged, radical-chic womenswear before moving on to become a hard-edged 70’s punk subculture staple and 90's mainstream fixture. Recent collections pay homage to heritage hemlines, but waistlines have by and large shifted higher over the past decade, with mid-rise and high-rise profiles now proliferating. This more elongated take on the miniskirt achieves a versatile silhouette with more intuitive wearing potential, allowing it to fit in more readily with the mix-and-match ethos that dominates contemporary style. Short skirts also continue to offer a diminutive canvas for colorful floral, stripe, and graphic patterns, with its pared-down material usage giving it unique optics. Pairing naturally with more skin-concealing high-neckline tops and long sleeve shirts, as well as substantial ankle-high and mid-calf boots, miniskirts offer dynamic contrast.