Each x Other

"Art meets fashion": this ethos infuses every dimension of Each x Other, a Paris-based brand and art collective with the mission of democratizing art and giving it purpose and utility. Inspired by a Robert Montgomery poem, fashion director Ilan Delouis and artistic director Jenny Mannerheim launched their project in 2012. Working as a multidisciplinary publisher, Each x Other produces films, exhibitions, books, objects, and site-specific installations that inform its line of unisex clothing. Prints, patterns, and imagery generated by the artistic community connected to the brand are rendered on classic biker jackets, suiting, t-shirts, printed denim, and peacoats, produced in numbered editions alongside the artworks they accompany. Inspired by the idea of the ancient Greek androgyne, the label focuses on unity: uniting men, women, art, and fashion in its collaborative endeavors.

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