Designer women’s rings offer accents ranging from the embellished to the understated, providing dynamic contrast, color and character to any ensemble. Naturalistic themes prevail in select pieces, with carved renditions of floral and fauna adding primal accents, occasionally embellished with crystal cut detailing and colored enamels. Sinuous, organic forms prevail elsewhere, yet eschew iconic signifiers in favor of a clean-cut, essential out-of-time minimalism that emphasizes material. Polished, oxidized, and antiqued 925 sterling silver, brass, and other premium-grade metals grant individually unique tactile and optical effects. Open band rings flirt with the physical laws governing a ring’s utility, deploying symmetrical carved graphics, geometrically daring curvatures, and embellishments that guide the eye towards unlikely negative space. Spiral, twin, and multi-band rings offer distinctive profiles, focusing design languages toward classical imagery, house-specific iconographies, or the a priori pleasures of shape. Elsewhere, watch bands, chains, and other unexpected structures appear in a unique transposition of design language from one accessory to another.