Contemporary designer one-piece swimsuits present clever and classic takes on the apparel item’s enduring form, incorporating experimentation and careful updating in equal measure. Today’s variants trace their genealogy back to the mid-twentieth century, when textiles research breakthroughs and easing cultural mores put the swimsuit front-and-center as a signifier for progressive modernity and female empowerment. Often perceived as a conservative alternative to the more statement-seeking bikini, recent years have seen a proliferation of avant-garde one-piece styles incorporating forward-thinking accents, including daring cut-out detailing and asymmetric constructions in a convincing bid to bury the old binary. Graceful deep V-necks, single-shoulder, and open back constructions frame the female form with confident geometric elegance. Elsewhere, all-over printed graphics, stripes, and dot patterns take full advantage of the uniquely contiguous canvas offered by the one-piece swimsuit. Self-tie fastenings and half-zip closures provide tactile interest and contrast, bringing stylistic elements of high-end womenswear into the realm of swimwear.