This season’s collection of necklaces for women offers a versatile range of themes, styling, and references suited to every kind of personality. French-style sautoir necklaces adorned with delicate tassel accents provide a subtle, yet elegant presentation of the self, while timeless sterling silver pendant necklaces featuring irregular, yonic charms or colorful crystal-embellished graphics represent a playful take on a classic accessory. An abundance of choker necklaces appear this season, referencing nearly every heyday period of the notorious trend. Richly colored ribbon chokers chart their ornamental edginess back to revolutionary France, while large pearl-detailed necklaces are a tongue-in-cheek nod to more conservative mid-century styles. Pierced and studded leather chokers reference goth and punk subcultures of the nineties and aughts. Western influence takes form in a braided leather, bolo-style necklace, with painted resin shells summoning coastal vibes and feather accents transcending bohemian connotations. With a versatile range of motifs featuring stunning material and craftsmanship, this season’s collection of necklaces offers an exciting approach to accessorizing the modern woman’s wardrobe.

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